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Dismembers is currently recruiting. Looking for light hearted folk who enjoy the game in general: raiding. dungeons, pvp, and simply hanging out.

Welcome to the Dismembers guild website!

If you are currently in Dismembers guild setup a GuildPortal account and then click the Join Dismembers link above. Your account will be activated within one to two days. If it is not done please send ingame mail to Deathshadowx or Alectrena, thank you.

Other Guild News

Site Usage

DeathShadowXx, Apr 1, 15 9:24 AM.
Sites theme is a little out of date but lets try using this site again see if we can get some usage 

Web Site Back in Use

Alectrena, Feb 16, 13 7:01 PM.
Bringing back the web site for use.  Need you all to share ideas. Go out take screen shots to share.  Discuss raids the good the bad and the bones of it all.  Most of all just want to bring back the personality and show what makes us Dismembers! Please add, share, and remember we are all part of our own weird and loved family.

Making Use of this Website

acesfool, Nov 21, 10 9:33 AM.
I would very much like to see us get more use out of this website. I know people are busy and want their WoW time to be spent playing WoW. But is it really too much trouble to check a website for a few minutes? We have some important announcements here as well as some important discussions going on in the forums. Right now we have discussions concerning ranks and promotions going on and have received no feedback at all. In fact, a lot of our officers haven't bothered to make accounts here in the first place. But then they seem upset when decisions are made without them.

Our website and forums provide the perfect avenue for us to discuss and vote on issues. If we don't use it then we have to start having regular meetings on Vent to discuss things. It has been my experience that people are more willing to voice their opinion when they have a chance to take their time and type it out. Vent meetings tend to be ruled by a few voices with everyone else just agreeing to go a long with whatever to get the meeting over with. So if you don't have an account, please make one. It only takes a couple of minutes. And if you have an account but never participate please take a moment to check the forums and see if there are any discussions that concern you.

Heres Part 2

Tabing, Jun 12, 10 3:39 PM.
The 2nd vid of Icc is completed, here you go and enjoy ^.^

Thank you Deathshadowx

acesfool, May 21, 10 8:10 PM.
Dismebers extends a huge thank you to Deathshadowx for taking it upon himself to pay for six months of ad-free service for our website. So thank you Deathshadowx.
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Site Usage
Apr 1, 15 9:24 AM
Web Site Back in Use
Feb 16, 13 7:01 PM
Making Use of this Website
Nov 21, 10 9:33 AM
Heres Part 2
Jun 12, 10 3:39 PM
Thank you Deathshadowx
May 21, 10 8:10 PM
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